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Get Involved: Open Space

Become part of an enthusiastic community that shares your passion. Volunteers are critical in all parts of the organization. Volunteer today!

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Administrative Support


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Time Commitment:
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Ready to get involved?

Contact Cora Coordinator,, or apply online to become a volunteer.

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Campground Host


Campground hosting is a meaningful way to experience the great outdoors while being an ambassador for our State Parks, Hatcheries, and State Wildlife Areas.  In return for your stewardship, you will receive a free campsite for the duration of your stay, a free State Parks pass (after 48 hours of service), training opportunities, uniforms, and the ability to meet new people and make friends from across the nation. 

Time Commitment:

Varies, typically 2 month with 20 hours minimum per week

Ready to get involved?

Contact Cora Coordinator,, to become a volunteer.